Based in Vancouver, BC, the Lorraine Sui Collection is a creative collaboration between the mother-daughter design team. Canadian designer Judy Wong had a vision for a collection of statement handbags that are expressive yet practical. With crisp colours, playful prints, sleek silhouettes and striking textures, the Lorraine Sui collection is inspired by our beautiful city and the people in it.  


Our collection shows that it’s possible to create fun, stylish and functional handbags. We love our city, and we want our products to showcase the culture of Vancouver. Each handbag is crafted with durable materials, but also with hearts and the story of Judy and Lorraine working together to create and refine each piece. We continue to design and expand our line with our philosophy of modern design, strong construction and urban functionality.    

Creative collaboration between a mother-daughter design team

Founded in 2016 by Judy Wong, the Lorraine Sui Collection is all about bright colours, fun textures and playful sophistication. Formerly from Hong Kong, Judy moved to Vancouver 20 years ago to raise her family. She came with a dream of designing and creating luxury handbags. After working in the retail business for many years, she finally stepped out to start realizing her dream. She was inspired by the culture and aesthetics of Vancouver to create a line of beautiful handbags to capture the essence of this city.   


Judy named the brand after her daughter, Natalie “Lorraine” Sui, who was born with autism. She hoped that by working alongside Natalie through this project, they could both learn how to better cope with Natalie’s autism. From designing to testing to modelling, Judy is proud of her daughter’s initiative to step out of her comfort zone and experience new things. Her enthusiasm and passion for design has been a driving force behind the Lorraine Sui Collection. This mother-daughter team both share a passion for fashion and problem solving. They hope to grow together as a family and as a company.    

Judy fully embraces her daughter’s neurodiversity and believes in her ability to create and envision practical solutions for everyday ease. She works closely with her daughter throughout the design process to design handbags suited for a modern lifestyle, whether you are going to the office, a night out or to the gym. Thoughtfully designed with functional details and modern designs for your daily journeys, we hope our handbags will compliment, inspire and encourage your personal style so you can live colourfully and live out loud.